Upstage Vintage

Ozone Treatment

No matter how many times we dry clean a garment, use a deodoriser or anti bacterial additive there are some smells you cannot get rid of or mask. After much research we discovered that Ozone gas kills off odour molecules, mould spores and insects such as moth.

We have built a special sealed chamber that can be filled with Ozone gas and have trialled it on different types of odours.

We have found Ozone works best after dry cleaning.

The ozone gas produces excellent results on old musty odours and smoke odours.

It also greatly improves old impregnated underarm odours but does not eliminate them completely.We are so impressed with the results that we now ozone treat all vintage items as a matter of course so they smell as good as they look!

We can also Ozone treat garments that will not achieve a good cleaning result or are too fragile to withstand the cleaning process.

Although the results are not as good as they would be had the garment been cleaned first, there is still a major improvement to the smell.

Specialist Dry Cleaning