Upstage Vintage

Who We Are

Upstage Vintage are the leading dry cleaners in the field of vintage and antique garments and fabrics.

We have successfully cleaned garments dating back to 1786 (as far as we know!).

Some of our expertise has come from the experience of cleaning modern vintage garments when they were "new" - and we were young!

More has come from cleaning the sheer volume of vintage and antique pieces that have been sent to us from film, theatre and tv.

As you may be aware dry cleaning does nothing to remove the smell that is associated with vintage wear stored for a long time, this is why, after cleaning, we use an ozone treatment to remove the old musty smells from these garments making them more pleasurable to wear.

Whilst we cannot produce miracles we can release the potential of any garment making it look and smell as good as it can!

Specialist Dry Cleaning