Upstage Vintage

Great Expectations!

In all areas of dry cleaning - not just vintage, clients expectations can exceed what is physically possible.

Before sending your vintage pieces to us we would ask you to consider what it is you actually want to achieve?

Do you expect the garment to be returned "freshened up" or completely restored to its former glory?

Strange question?

The majority of vintage pieces that come to us are either for personal use, display or resale, many are of historical importance.

Any items which you believe to be of historical importance should always checked by a museum before considering dry cleaning, however, understandably, museums will err on the side of caution.

In general, personal use items and garments used for display come to us to be cleaned and deodorised so that they are as fresh as possible for their new owner, aged stains and marks are considered historical and worn with pride.

Garments which are purchased for resale are a different kettle of fish - you have taken a chance in buying pieces which you hope will bring capital gains - your expectations are therefore higher, you would hope that some of the stains and marks can be removed in the hope that the garment will look "newer" and be more saleable.

Whilst we can release the potential in most vintage garments, dry cleaning is not a magical process, vintage pieces are never going to look like new, they can look a whole lot better and sometimes we surprise ourselves by what we have achieved but with all the will in the world never expect a vintage piece to be returned looking like it did the day it was made!

With any vintage piece please understand that if a garment, fabric or embellishment could not be cleaned 10, 20, 40 or even 100 years ago - whatever prevented it from being cleaned then will still prevent it from being cleaned now!

It is also worth mentioning that contrary to the popular belief stated on many vintage forums dry cleaning, if done properly, does no harm to fabrics.