Upstage Theatrical Dry Cleaners

Wardrobe Supplies

Upstage offer a full complement of Soap powders, liquids, softeners and sundry items that we hold in stock ready to deliver direct to your wardrobe department, if we do not stock what you want then just ask - if we can get it we will!

Soap Powders Sundries Sundries
Fairy Non Bio Powder 3ft Mobile rail Fresh Again:
Persil Non Bio Powder 4ft Moblie rail Costume & Uniform
Persil Colour Care Powder 5ft Mobile rail Shoe & Athletic
Dreft hand wash 6ft mobile rail Febreeze
Height Extenders Clear choice
Persil Non Bio Liquid 5ltr Mobile Hanger Tidy Urad Leather Cleaner
Persil colour care liquid 5ltr Rail dividers Urad Leather Softner
Ariel Liquid 5ltr Wire Hangers Colour match softner
Wet Clean (US gallon) Heavy Wire Hangers
Fairy Non Bio Liquid 5ltr Plastic Adjustable hangers Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Ecos Free and Clear (50 wash)
Pre Spotters
LPS (US Gallon) Laundry Marking Pens 6pk Kleenex Tissues
Vanish Liquid 6pk Baby Wipes
Vanish Crystal white Sticky Rollers 12pk Kitchen Roll
Vanish Action Tabs Sticky roller refill
Vanish Soap Bar Finger lights 10pk
Bio Tex Dylon Colour Catcher
Fabric Conditioners
Comfort Regular (5ltr) Hanging Wardrobe Cartons Fautless Starch Spray
Comfort Pure Concentrate Tri Wall Skips Dylon Starch Spray
Comfort Sunshine Concentrate Anit Static Spray Dylon Easy Iron spray
Fairy Softener Concentrate 5ltr Zip Lubricant
Lenor Sheets 160 sheet Calgon Wax Sticks