Upstage Theatrical Dry Cleaners

Ozone Treatment

To enhance our cleaning service Upstage theatrical dry cleaners have installed, tried and tested a purpose made ozone chamber.

We have found "Unclean able" costumes that are regularly ozone treated from new do not smell! They may not look great but they smell good!

Pre worn "unclean able" costumes that already "whiff" will improve greatly but the odour dose not completely go but they can be maintained to a wearable level with regular ozone treatment.

Body paddings, animal mascots, heads and feet all respond really well to ozone.

Musty/mouldy costumes need ozoning twice to get the best results - once BEFORE cleaning to kill the mould spores, then again after cleaning the treat the fabric beneath the mouldy areas.

Moth - Ozone kills the majority of moth, garments need ozone treating first to kill the moth and then dry cleaned to remove the husks.

We now automatically ozone treat costumes free of charge that have come to us for dry cleaning at Tour Break /Cast Change /End of Run to ensure the costumes are as clean and bacteria free as possible for the next cast to wear.

Specialist Dry Cleaning