Emily May

The Process

Whether you wish to preserve your wedding dress or intend to sell it on to be enjoyed by another bride, Emily May at Upstage provides the service and expertise you need to return you gown to its former glory.

On arrival your gown will be fully inspected for stains and damage. All of which is duly noted in your file. If we find anything untoward or we believe that we cannot achieve a result that we would be happy with then we will contact you to discuss how you wish to proceed.

Once booked in your gown will be passed to the spotting department to be treated for specific stain removal. The hems and underskirt(s) are treated for mud, grass and general ground dirt; this process generally takes between one and two hours but on particularly large or very dirty gowns can take up to 5 hours.

After pre-treating, your gown will be cleaned in one of our three specially adapted dry cleaning machines depending on which solvent the operator deems suitable for your individual dress, the dry cleaning solvents are used to flush out the dirt suspended in the spotting chemicals.

Once through the dry cleaning cycle your gown will be re inspected for newly visible marks and all the hemlines checked for residue. If we feel that your gown needs further treatment then your gown will go back to the spotting department and the whole process repeated until the feel we have achieved the optimum cleaning result possible.

Your gown will then be finished by hand ironing before packaging to your specification.