Emily May

Specialist Dry Cleaning

Emily May specialises in the cleaning and finishing of all styles of wedding dresses ranging from antique and contemporary to originals and designer collections.

We have over 45 years of experience within the dry cleaning industry, our core business as London's top theatrical dry cleaners has enabled us to clean weird and wonderful costumes and has allowed us to become highly skilled in cleaning and finishing garments that ordinary dry cleaners may find difficult and cumbersome.

We understand the effects of various solvents on different types of fabric, beading, sequins and trimmings and have both Perchlorethylene and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines that have been specially adapted so that we have full control over the processing of each individual gown or costume.

For the past 23 years we have been dry cleaning wedding dresses for designers, retailers and private clients who have chosen to use us on recommendation alone.

Emily May offers the same high standards, free testing and seminars to the wedding dress industry as we do for the entertainment world. As a result we have an equally high reputation for wedding dresses as we do for theatrical costumes.

Specialist Dry Cleaning