Emily May

Our Promise

It is impossible to guarantee to remove all stains and marks from a gown.

As explained in The Process dresses do not go in a machine dirty and come out clean - there is a lot of hard work that must be done by hand to each layer before cleaning (which in some cases is repeated many times) to achieve the optimum result.

In some cases what we as dry cleaners see as a fantastic result considering what the gown looked like when it came to us is seen by you, the customer, as looking a whole lot better but there are still some marks on it - can you clean it again? Or all the stains haven't come out - can I have a discount?!

A good dry cleaner can achieve excellent results but will also know when to stop before damaging the dress

Yes we could rub just that little bit harder and yes the coloured part of the stain may go but you will find that the fabric has been bruised, delustered and the area where the stain was is much more noticeable than before!

You have entrusted us with one of your most valuable treasured possessions we will not risk damaging your gown by promising you the unattainable.

The only guarantee Emily May at Upstage can give you is that:

"We will do our best for your wedding gown!"

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