Emily May

Beaded Dresses

Crystal & glass beaded dresses are some of the most challenging to clean.

They are becoming more and more popular and more and more elaborate.

Many modern collections have large heavy areas of glass work attached to the finest of silks and chiffons.

There will always be a risk in dry cleaning what are essentially lumps of glass. The glass work can chip or break resulting in cut threads, pulls and catches on chiffons, silks and organzas.

Over the years Emily May at Upstage has become competent cleaning gowns with glass trimmings. We have devised ways and methods of protecting gowns from "self destruct", from glass and open clasps.

However, with the best will in the world beads and crystals can still "escape"!

Beads can be lost or threads partially cut through in normal wear. It is important to mention that, as with thread pulls, weak strands may only be apparent after cleaning and beads may still be lost.

To minimise loss of this kind where we see beads are already missing or loose we will do our best to tie off or sew down loose threads to prevent possible further loss.

As well as glass beads the traditional "pearl" beads found on wedding gowns can also have their own quirks. There are two distinct types that look similar BUT require completely different processes. Use of the wrong solvent can dissolve some beads from the inside leaving a hollow pearlescent shell, and others just dissolve from the outside leaving small pieces of plastic which can disperse marking all areas of the gown.

Our experience as the World's No. 1 Theatrical Dry Cleaner is based upon seeing thousands of different types of beads and sequins used on costumes and gowns, many years of practice and not a few complete failures!!

Specialist Dry Cleaning